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OxyVinyls® 225P

General Description

OxyVinyls® 225P is a suspension polymerized polyvinyl chloride homopolymer resin designed for rigid applications. It is a medium molecular weight resin having excellent processing characteristics that are suitable for single and multi-screw extruders. OxyVinyls® 225P is often converted into a wide range of pipe sizes and types which meet the most stringent standards for water supply and distribution. Typical Applications Irrigation pipe Potable water supply pipe Foam core pipe DWV/Sewer pipe Electrical conduit Rigid profiles Resin Properties Typical Value Inherent Viscosity (ASTM D-1243) 0.90 Relative Viscosity 2.16 (1% in Cyclohexanone @ 25°C) “K” Value (DIN 53726) 65 Specific Gravity (ASTM D792) 1.40 Bulk Density (ASTM D-1895) gms/cc 0.55 lbs/cu ft 34 Particle Size Distribution % Retained on 40 Mesh 0 % Retained on 100 Mesh 28 % Through 200 Mesh <3 Volatiles (%) 0.1 Residual Monomer (ppm) <1.0 Classification (ASTM D-1755) GP4-16340 CAS Number 9002-86-2